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Candidate Referral

Our most important and challenging task is prescreening individual candidates for specific positions at each school. We receive requests for hundreds of jobs monthly. We give each one our full attention.  Our  goal—in  which  we  take  great  pride  and  personal  satisfaction—is  to  refer  only qualified, viable candidates who have much to offer the school community. To accomplish this 
daunting task, we interview every single candidate and check their references. In addition, all of our foreign language candidates must undergo a full assessment of their speaking and comprehension skills. We get to know our candidates capabilities and gifts as well as their career goals and preferences. We learn what they can do and what they want to do.For each specific job listing, we select only those candidates who have a real potential for success.The schools we serve are in China,Korea and Japan.

The candidates we serve are from . . .everywhere!

Placement Fees

We charge our schools a very competitive, one-off placement fee. Daily rates and agency contracts do not apply. Schools are protected ,should a teacher leave his/her post within a period of time and are entitled to a rebate or we will replace the teacher free of charge. The school will only pay us after the teacher secured his/her visa and when the teacher arrived at the school.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:Can we post an advertisement on your website?
Answer:Yes, you can. Our team will firstly review your advertisement for authenticity.
Question:How many advertisement can we post and how much will it cost?
Answer:You can post unlimited advertisement for free, but this is only for schools and universities 
we are working with.
Question:We are an agency, can we post an advertisement?
Answer:No, this site is created for direct employers only. Because we are trying our very best to 
protect our teachers from agencies offering false position and charging them fees or deducting fees 
from their monthly salary without the teacher’s consent (This is very common with other agencies) .
Question:Where do you get your teachers? 
Answer: Teachers who are interested in teaching abroad can directly upload their CV in our website 
for free. We also have hundreds of partner schools/centres in North America,UK, South Africa and 
other parts of Europe endorsing new graduates and professional teachers to us.
Question:How can we make sure that all teachers you recommend to us are qualified?
Answer:We will screen every teachers according to your needs and will only be endorsed to your 
school if they meet your requirements. 
Question:How does the payment works? 
Answer:We will only charge you when the teachers already secured all of their documents and 
start working in your school. It is one time payment only. We will NOT deduct from the salary of 
every teachers. 
Question:What if the teachers leave in their first 3 months of working in our school?
Answer:We will immediately replace the teacher with our expense or we will give you a full 

Young Teacher
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